Future Inc. is a sitcom fanfiction series created by Lizard13. It follows three friends creating a business which eventually turns into an amazing company. Every episode begins with a lower case letter.

A first season with twenty episodes was ordered on 7 April 2014. It was announced on 12 April 2014 that the series would premiere on 8 May 2014 which will be on However, on 18 April 2014, it was announced that Future Inc. was delayed and will premiere at another date.

Series Overview Edit

Season Episodes Original air date
Season premiere Season finale
1 20 TBA TBA

Season 1Edit

# Title Aired Production Code
1 pilot TBA 101
Three friends named Elizabeth Damian, Anna Edwards and Evan Dallas make a phone-selling business, eventually inspiring them to make their own company making electronics.
2 the first idea TBA 102
Elizabeth, Anna and Evan have an idea for their company's first device.
3 the tropical shack TBA 103
Elizabeth, Anna and Evan go to the grand opening of The Tropical Shack. While there, they meet their worst enemy.
4 futureless TBA 105
The Future Inc.'s website gets hacked by an unknown person adding false information to it. Elizabeth, Anna and Evan must catch the anonymous before Future Inc. falls down.